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Want to impact your community? Many of McIntosh's citizen boards have open seats and a council at a loss as to how to fill them.

Light-up McIntosh December 15

Light-up McIntosh will begin at the Civic Center at 6:30 p.m. The event will host Santa Clause and an area choir from six local churches will sing.

07.06.06 -- EDITOR'S NOTE: Talking Back: Comments

I want to thank the folks who have taken the time to leave comments after entries. Thanks to Renaud for the encouragement. And to the others whose names are left unsaid for their thoughts.

Part of my reasoning for posting in a blog format was that this venue allows people the opportunity to talk back. What if I got something wrong? I'm human. What if someone else had something they wanted to add? My blog material concentrates on public meetings and not what my neighbors tell me. The last thing people here need is a spy. We have Art Davis for that! What if someone just wanted to have his or her say? God knows, the town council are becoming less and less receptive to public comment lately in public meetings -- well, depending on who you are.

If you sent a letter to an editor of a newspaper, if you wanted it printed, you'd have to have your name attached to it. One of the decisions you make when you create a blog is what kind of comments you want left in your blog, anonymous or not.

So the subject of anonymous comments gave me pause for that reason. Without a name attached, information loses its credibility. That's why you see my picture at the top of this page. It's not because I am vain. Really, I'm so not vain. It's because I study how to collect information and how to present it. I take that seriously. I'm still a student. And I want you to know where this info is coming from.

Another reason I almost didn't accept anonymous comments was because of the tendency McIntosh has toward rumor. Rumors thrive when no one can determine the truth of a matter.

But the reason I went against all of those reasons had everything to do with emotion over reason. This blog has been cathartic for me. It bothered me collecting info for my class and not being able to publish it. What was the point?

But putting it all out there, getting it off your chest? Maybe not losing sleep at night? (Let's face it, I've heard lots of people talking about their sleep loss.) Having your say is a powerful feeling, even if you feel you can't put your name on it for fear of repercussions from your neighbors.

That kind of fear works as intimidation and I really have no tolerance for it. That's one reason I take anonymous comments here.

I heard that the council members told folks at the meeting they would get calls if they signed a petition to recall either Danaya Wright or Jim Strange. Since I was late to that meeting and didn't hear them say that, I have to hope it was said in a spirit to understand what people think is so wrong that they want to recall their leaders. That's another reason I take anonymous comments here.

I'd like to hear what people have to say.

Eventually, if enough people have their say, we'll all feel secure enough to leave our names.

posted by Cher @ 1:49 PM,


At   July 07, 2006 8:56 AM     ,    Blogger fisherwife    said...

I would have left my name, but I think it would have been obvious after a trip to my blog. My husband's picture is there and he's holding a fish. I am Katie Deaderick. We live in the non-hysterical (historical) side of town. We are talking of splitting and taking the water tower over here!

At   July 08, 2006 9:09 AM     ,    Blogger Cher    said...

Splitting and taking the water tower, huh? That's too funny.

I did see the man with the fish in your blog but I don't actually know your husband. I've heard your names in passing - nothing ill, of course. I don't mind anonymous comments. I know people can be intimidated out of saying what they want to say around here.

Do you know if folks from the west non-hysterical side are planning to get out and vote on Tuesday in the charter amendment election? Speaking of hysterical...

At   July 11, 2006 12:10 AM     ,    Blogger fisherwife    said...

I know some who think it's a non-issue and aren't going to vote. I myself am inclined to vote anytime I am given the opportunity, so I'll be there.

At   July 11, 2006 12:13 AM     ,    Blogger fisherwife    said...

Hysterical, yes. People are pretty riled up around here. Your blog is a welcome facts only forum in the midst of a lot of opinion. And you know what opinions are like....and everyone has one.


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